Give me one reason to resist.
Me and Billy
tea time
Love him
I love him

I love my boyfriend so much. No one has ever meant as much to me as he does. I love the fact I live at his house with his parents who are amazing to me they are so kind, I love the fact I have my own wardrobe and set of draws in his room and its now called our room, i love it that I have been living here like 7 months straight and the fact that every night it’s a kiss good night and a I love you then fall asleep in his arms I miss it when he’s working night. I love the fact he loves me for who I am I can be myself I can talk to him when iv never wanted to talk to anyone about my feelings I’d have rather bottled them up I love it that he listens and always makes me smile and laugh. I love it that he’s like my best friend and I love that he tells me I’m beautiful when I just wake up. He means the world to me. Iv never been so happy He’s perfect. can honestly say I love him with all my heart.

Billy Ellis
Love him